Scott Polar Research Institute – Transits 2022

Transits of the Northwest Passage up to the end of the 2022 navigation season

Atlantic Ocean   ↔   Arctic Ocean   ↔   Pacific Ocean

R. K. Headland and colleagues, revised 8 December 2022 (with a few statistical corrections by F. WIlliams)

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 1ER. (

The earliest traverse of the Northwest Passage was completed in 1853 but used sledges over the sea ice of the central part of Parry Channel.  Subsequently the following 351 complete maritime transits of the Northwest Passage have been made to the end of the 2022 navigation season, before winter began and the passage froze. 

These transits proceed to or from the Atlantic Ocean (Labrador Sea) in or out of the eastern approaches to the Canadian Arctic archipelago (Lancaster Sound or Foxe Basin) then the western approaches (McClure Strait or Amundsen Gulf), across the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea of the Arctic Ocean, through the Bering Strait, from or to the Bering Sea of the Pacific Ocean. 

The Arctic Circle is crossed near the beginning and the end of all transits except those to or from the central or northern coast of west Greenland.  The routes and directions are indicated. 

Details of submarine transits are not included because only two have been reported (1960 USS Sea Dragon, Capt. George Peabody Steele, westbound on route 1 and 1962 USS Skate, Capt. Joseph Lawrence Skoog, eastbound on route 1).

Seven routes have been used for transits of the Northwest Passage with some minor variations (for example through Pond Inlet and Navy Board Inlet) and two composite courses in summers when ice was minimal (transits 149 and 166). These are shown on the map following, and proceed westbound as follows:

These routes are shown on the map below:

1:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, McClure Strait, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  The shortest and deepest, but difficult, way owing to the severe ice of McClure Strait.  The route is preferred by submarines because of its depth.

2:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, Prince of Wales Strait, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  An easier variant of route 1 which may avoid severe ice in McClure Strait.  It is suitable for deep draft vessels.

3:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Peel Sound, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  The principal route; used by most larger vessels of draft less than 14 m.

4:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Peel Sound, Rae Strait, Simpson Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  A variant of route 3 for smaller vessels if ice from McClintock Channel has blocked Victoria Strait.  Simpson Strait is only 6·4 m deep, it has shoals and complex currents.

5:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Prince Regent Inlet, Bellot Strait, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  This route is dependent on ice in Bellot Strait which has complex currents.  Mainly used by eastbound vessels.

6:  Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Prince Regent Inlet, Bellot Strait, Rae Strait, Simpson Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  A variant of route 5 for smaller vessels if ice from McClintock Channel has blocked Victoria Strait.  Simpson Strait is only 6·4 m deep, complex currents run in it and in Bellot Strait.

7:  Hudson Strait, Foxe Basin, Fury and Hecla Strait, Bellot Strait, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait.  A difficult route owing to severe ice usually at the west of Fury and Hecla Strait and the currents of Bellot Strait.  Mainly used by eastbound vessels as an alternative is practicable.

Transit Routes:


Complete transits have been made by 262 different vessels. 

The Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov has made 18 tran­sits, the largest number of any vessel. Hanseatic has made 11, Bremen 10 (2 with the former name, Frontier Spirit), Polar Bound 7; 2 vessels have made 4 transits, 4 vessels have each made 3 transits, and 33 have made 2 transits. 

More than one year was taken by 32 of these vessels, mainly small craft, to complete a transit wintering at various places along the route (complements of some of these vessels left for winter returning in a later navigation season).  Return transits in one summer have been made by 7 vessels. 

The vessels are from 43 registries: 48 from Canada, 37 France, 37 United States, 33 Bahamas, 32 Netherlands, 26 Russia, 25 Britain, 15 Cayman Islands, 12 Germany, 7 Australia and New Zealand, 6 Norway and Sweden, 5 Austria, Belgium, Finland, Poland and Switzerland, 4 Marshall Islands, 3 Malta, 2 Antigua and Barbuda, Denmark and Panama, 1 from Barbados, Brasil, China (Beijing), Cook Islands, Croatia, Curaçao, Czechia, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland (Eire), Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Nouvelle Calédonie, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, and Spain. 

Specific passengers vessels have made 72 transits, but only 30 transits were transporting commercial cargo.  Others were for repositioning and supply, or other work, in the Arctic. 

Several of the vessels have transited through the Panama Canal and circumnavigated North America, a few have circum­navigated all America, and others have circumnavigated the Arctic Ocean by also using the Northeast Passage from or to the Pacific Ocean. 

David Scott Cowper and Viktor Vasiliev have commanded 8 transits, Heinz Aye and Piotr Golikov 6, and Thilo Natke 5; 28 others have commanded more than one.

An analysis of the transit routes used through the Northwest Passage to the end of navigation in 2022 shows:

Route 1    West 3 East 0 Total 3
Route 2 West 12 East 5 Total 17
Route 3   West 60 East 33 Total 93
Route 4 West 49 East 12 Total 61
Route 5  West 28 East 39 Total 67
Route 6 West 40 East 50 Total 90
Route 7  West 6 East 11 Total 17
Composite West 2 East 1 Total 3
All Routes  West 200 East 151 Total 351

The list is in alphabetical order of Vessel Names in the years of completion of the transits (the transit numbers do not indicate precedence). Numbers (in brackets) are the cumulative number of transits, masters, flags etc.


Several vessels, including recent small craft, have traversed the Canadian Arctic archipelago, Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea to or from Russian waters. Those which neither transited Bering Strait nor entered the Pacific Ocean are not included in this list, although some circumnavigated the Arctic Ocean.

Many other voyages have been made through the archipelago of the Canadian Arctic, notably the return voyage of the experimental oil tanker Manhattan with escort vessels which reached Barrow, on the Arctic coast of Alaska, in 1969 from the Atlantic Ocean, but did not continue to the Pacific Ocean before making an eastbound return voyage.

Similarly constraints are applied to voyages which ended in Pond Inlet, the region of the Mackenzie Delta, or comparable locations, where a vessel was towed while unoccupied, or carried partly as deck cargo (including Baymaud, 1926-2017). These can not regarded as complete transits of the Northwest Passage; incomplete transits have become too numerous to record.

Nationalities: principles adopted for these are the approved English short forms applied by several international organizations and published by The Times Atlas.


Sources include a compilation by Thomas Pullen and Charles Swithinbank published in Polar Record (1991), with advice from Frank van den Anker (Wagenborg), Lawson Brigham (USCG), Peter Capelotti (USCG), David Cowper (Fort Ross visits), David Fletcher, Steffen Graupner, Chris Havern (USCG), Jean-Pierre Lehnert (CCG), Guus van der Linde, Brian McDonald (CCG), John MacFarlane, Fred McCague, Louis Robert, Peter Semotiuk, Tony Soper, Patrick Toomey (CCG), Victor Wejer, Fred Williams, and Christopher Wright, personal observations made during several transits with Quark expeditions, many publications, advice from persons directly involved and several internet sites (with various degrees of reliability). Advice of subsequent voyages, corrections and additions, or similar details is appreciated.

List of Transits

Seq. Nr.FromToVessel NameVessel TypeLength (m)FlagMasterDirectionRoute
119031906Gjoa (1)Auxiliary Sloop21Norway (1)Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (1)WestRoute #4
219401942St Roch (1)RCMP Auxiliary Schooner29.7Canada (1)Henry Asbjorn Larsen (1)EastRoute #6
319441944St Roch (2)RCMP Auxiliary Schooner0Canada (2)Henry Asbjorn Larsen (2)WestRoute #2
419541954HMCS Labrador (1)Icebreaker0Canada (3)Owen Connor Struan Robertson (1)WestRoute #2
519571957USCGC Bramble (1)Buoy Tender0United States (1)Henry Hart Carter (1)EastRoute #6
619571957USCGC Spar (1)Buoy Tender0United States (2)Charles Vinal Cowing (1)EastRoute #6
719571957USCGC Storis (1)Icebreaker0United States (3)Harold Lambert Wood (1)EastRoute #6
819671967CCGS John A. McDonald (1)Icebreaker0Canada (4)Paul Moise Fournier (1)WestRoute #3
919691969USCGC Northwind (1)Icebreaker0United States (4)Donald J. McCann (1)EastRoute #5
1019691969USCGC Northwind (2)Icebreaker0United States (5)Donald J. McCann (2)WestRoute #3
1119691969USCGC Staten Island (1)Icebreaker0United States (6)Eugene F. Walsh (1)EastRoute #2
1219701970CSS Baffin (1)Research Icebreaker0Canada (5)Paul M. Brick (1)EastRoute #2
1319701970CSS Hudson (1)Research Icebreaker0Canada (6)David W. Butler (1)EastRoute #2
1419751975Pandora II (1)Hydrographic Vessel0Canada (7)R. Dickinson (1)EastRoute #7
1519751975Theta (1)Research Vessel0Canada (8)K. Maro (1)EastRoute #7
1619751975CSS Skidgate (1)Buoy Tender0Canada (9)Peter Kallis (1)EastRoute #6
1719761976CCGS J. E. Bernier (1)Icebreaker0Canada (10)Paul Pelland (1)EastRoute #3
1819771977Williwaw (1)Sloop13Netherlands (1)Willy de Roos (1)WestRoute #4
1919761978J. E. Bernier II (1)Sloop12Canada (11)Real Bouvier (1)WestRoute #4
2019781978CCGS Pierre Radisson (1)Icebreaker0Canada (12)Patrick Robert Michael Toomey (1)EastRoute #2
2119791979CCGS Louis S. St Laurent (1)Icebreaker0Canada (13)George Burdock (1)WestRoute #2
2219801980CCGS J. E. Bernier (2)Icebreaker0Canada (14)E. Chasse (1)EastRoute #4
2319801980Pandora II (2)Hydrographic Vessel0Canada (15)Robin A. Jones (1)EastRoute #4
2419811981CSS Hudson (2)Research Icebreaker0Canada (16)Frederick Mauger (1)EastRoute #3
2519791982Mermaid (1)Sloop15Japan (1)Kenichi Horie (1)WestRoute #6
2619831983Arctic Shiko (1)Tug0Canada (17)S. Dool (1)EastRoute #3
2719831983Polar Circle (1)Research Vessel0Canada (18)J. A. Strand (1)EastRoute #4
2819841984Society Explorer/Lindblad Explorer (1)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Sweden (1)Hasse Nilsson (1)WestRoute #4
2919851985USCGC Polar Sea (1)Icebreaker0United States (7)John T. Howell (1)WestRoute #2
3019851985World Discoverer (1)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Singapore (1)Heinz Aye (1)EastRoute #6
3119761988Canmar Explorer II (1)Drilling Ship0Canada (19)Ronald Colby (1)WestRoute #3
3219831988Belvedere (1)Yacht18United States (8)Sven Johansson (1)EastRoute #6
3319851988Vagabond/Vagabond'eux (1)Yacht15.3France (1)Janusz Kurbiel (1985-1987) and Wojciech Jacobson (1988) (1)EastRoute #6
3419881988CCGS Henry A. Larsen (1)Icebreaker0Canada (20)Stephen A. Gomes (1)EastRoute #5
3519881988CCGS Martha L. Black (1)Icebreaker0Canada (21)Robert J. Mellis (1)EastRoute #5
3619881988USCGC Polar Star (1)Icebreaker0United States (9)Paul A. Taylor (1)EastRoute #3
3719881988Society Explorer/Lindblad Explorer (2)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (1)Heinz Aye (2)EastRoute #5
3819861989Mabel E. Holland (1)Lifeboat12.8Britain (1)David Scott Cowper (1)WestRoute #6
3919881989Northanger (1)Ketch15Britain (2)Richard Thomas (1)WestRoute #4
4019891989USCGC Polar Star (2)Icebreaker0United States (10)Robert Hammond (1)WestRoute #3
4119831990Ikaluk (1)Icebreaker0Canada (22)R. Cormier (1)EastRoute #3
4219911991CCGC Terry Fox (1)Icebreaker0Canada (23)Peter Kimmerley (1)EastRoute #3
4319901990USCGC Polar Sea (2)Icebreaker0United States (11)Joseph J. McCleland (1)WestRoute #3
4419921992Bremen/Frontier Spirit (1)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (2)Heinz Aye (3)WestRoute #3
4519921992Ikaluk (2)Icebreaker0Canada (24)R. Cormier (2)WestRoute #3
4619921992Kapitan Khlebnikov (1)Icebreaker0Russia (1)Piotr Golikov (1)EastRoute #3
4719931993Dagmar Aaen (1)Yacht0Germany (1)Arved Fuchs (1)WestRoute #5
4819931993Bremen/Frontier Spirit (2)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (3)Heinz Aye (4)WestRoute #3
4919931993Kapitan Khlebnikov (2)Icebreaker0Russia (2)Piotr Golikov (2)EastRoute #3
5019941994Hanseatic (1)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (4)Hartwig van Harling (1)WestRoute #3
5119941994Itasca (1)Converted Tug0Britain (3)Allan Jouning (1)EastRoute #4
5219941994Kapitan Khlebnikov (3)Icebreaker0Russia (3)Piotr Golikov (3)EastRoute #3
5319941994Kapitan Khlebnikov (4)Icebreaker0Russia (4)Piotr Golikov (4)WestRoute #2
5419951995Dove III (1)Yacht8.5Canada (25)Winston Bushnell (1)EastRoute #3
5519951995Hrvatska Cigra (1)Yacht19.8Croatia (1)Mladan Sutej (1)WestRoute #5
5619951995Kapitan Khlebnikov (5)Icebreaker0Russia (5)Viktor Vasiliev (1)EastRoute #5
5719961996Arctic Circle (1)Tug0Canada (26)Jack McCormack (1)EastRoute #3
5819961996Hanseatic (2)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (5)Hartwig van Harling (2)WestRoute #3
5919961996Kapitan Dranitsyn (1)Icebreaker0Russia (6)Oleg Agafonov (1)EastRoute #5
6019961996CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1)Icebreaker0Canada (27)Norman Thomas (1)EastRoute #5
6119971997Hanseatic (3)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (6)Heinz Aye (5)WestRoute #3
6219971997Kapitan Khlebnikov (6)Icebreaker0Russia (7)Viktor Vasiliev (2)EastRoute #3
6319981998Hanseatic (4)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (7)Heinz Aye (6)EastRoute #3
6419981998Kapitan Khlebnikov (7)Icebreaker0Russia (8)Piotr Golikov (5)EastRoute #3
6519991999Admiral Makarov (1)Icebreaker0Russia (9)Vadim Kholodenko (1)EastRoute #3
6619991999Irbis (1)Tug0Russia (10)Aleksandr Aleksenko (1)EastRoute #3
6719991999Kapitan Dranitsyn (2)Icebreaker0Russia (11)Viktor Terekhov (1)WestRoute #3
6819991999Ocean Search (1)Yacht12.5France (2)Olivier Pitras (1)EastRoute #6
6920002000Evohe (1)Yacht25New Zealand (1)Stephen Kafka (1)EastRoute #6
7020002000Hanseatic (5)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (8)Thilo Natke (1)WestRoute #3
7120002000USCGC Healy (1)Icebreaker0United States (12)Jeffrey M. Garrett (1)WestRoute #3
7220002000Kapitan Dranitsyn (3)Icebreaker0Russia (12)Viktor Terekhov (2)WestRoute #3
7320002000Nadon (1)RCMP Catamaran17.7Canada (28)Kenneth Burton (1)EastRoute #6
7420002000Simon Fraser (1)Icebreaker0Canada (29)Robert J. Mellis (2)EastRoute #6
7520012001Kapitan Khlebnikov (8)Icebreaker0Russia (13)Viktor Vasiliev (3)EastRoute #3
7620012001Kapitan Khlebnikov (9)Icebreaker0Russia (14)Viktor Vasiliev (4)WestRoute #1
7720012001Northabout (1)Yacht14.9Ireland (Eire) (1)Jarlath Cunnane (1)WestRoute #4
7820012001Dione Sky/Turmoil (1)Motor Yacht46Cayman Islands (1)Philip Walsh (1)WestRoute #4
7920012002Geco Snapper (1)Research Icebreaker0Panama (1)Craig Feeney (1)EastRoute #3
8020012002Nuage (1)Yacht12.8France (3)Michele Demai (1)EastRoute #5
8120022002Apostol Andrey (1)Yacht16.2Russia (15)Nikolay A. Litau (1)EastRoute #5
8220022002Arctic Kalvik (1)Icebreaker Tug0Barbados (1)Sanjeev Kumar (1)EastRoute #3
8320022002Hanseatic (6)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (9)Thilo Natke (2)WestRoute #3
8420022002Kapitan Khlebnikov (10)Icebreaker0Russia (16)Piotr Golikov (6)EastRoute #3
8520022002Sedna IV (1)Yacht51Canada (30)Stephan Guy (1)WestRoute #5
8620002003Olga (1)Motor Boat6Denmark (1)Anders Bilgram (1)WestRoute #6
8720032003Bremen/Frontier Spirit (3)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (10)Daniel Felgner (1)WestRoute #3
8820032003USCGC Healy (2)Icebreaker0United States (13)Daniel Oliver (1)WestRoute #3
8920032003Kapitan Khlebnikov (11)Icebreaker0Russia (17)Viktor Vasiliev (5)EastRoute #5
9020032003Norwegian Blue (1)Yacht12.9Britain (4)Andrew Wood (1)EastRoute #5
9120032003Vagabond/Vagabond'eux (2)Yacht15.3France (4)Eric Brossier (1)EastRoute #5
9220032004Dagmar Aaen (2)Yacht27Germany (2)Arved Fuchs (2)EastRoute #5
9320032004Polar Bound (1)Motor Boat14.6Britain (5)David Scott Cowper (2)EastRoute #5
9420042004Kapitan Khlebnikov (12)Icebreaker0Russia (18)Pavel Ankudinov (1)EastRoute #5
9520042005Fine Tolerance (1)Yacht13.7Australia (1)Philip Hogg (1)EastRoute #6
9620052005Idlewild (1)Motorboat17.3Canada (31)Benjamin Grey (1)EastRoute #6
9720052005Kapitan Khlebnikov (13)Icebreaker0Russia (19)Viktor Vasiliev (6)EastRoute #3
9820052005Kapitan Khlebnikov (14)Icebreaker0Russia (20)Viktor Vasiliev (7)WestRoute #3
9920052005Oden (1)Icebreaker0Sweden (2)Anders Wikstrom (1)WestRoute #3
10020032006Minke I (1)Yacht12.8Canada (32)Peter Brook (1)EastRoute #6
10120082008Bremen/Frontier Spirit (4)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (11)Marc Behrend (1)WestRoute #4
10220062006Kapitan Khlebnikov (15)Icebreaker0Russia (21)Pavel Ankudinov (2)EastRoute #7
10320062006Nekton (1)Yacht13.6Poland (1)Tadeusz Natanek (1)WestRoute #6
10420062006Stary (1)Yacht13.5Poland (2)Dominik Bac / Jacek Waclawski & Slawek Skalmierski (1)WestRoute #6
10520072007Babouche (1)Catamaran7.5France (5)Sebastien Roubinet (1)EastRoute #5
10620072007Cloud Nine (1)Ketch17.3United States (14)Roger Swanson (1)WestRoute #4
10720072007Hanseatic (7)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (12)Ulf Wolter (1)WestRoute #5
10820072007Kapitan Khlebnikov (16)Icebreaker0Russia (22)Viktor Vasiliev (8)EastRoute #5
10920072007Luck Dragon (1)Yacht12.1Britain (6)Jeffrey Allison (1)WestRoute #3
11020052008Arctic Wanderer (1)Yacht11.9United States (15)Gary E. Ramos (1)EastRoute #6
11120082008Amodino (1)Yacht23Spain (1)Juan Ribos (1)EastRoute #4
11220082008Baloum Gwen (1)Yacht14.9Belgium (1)Thierry Fabing (1)WestRoute #4
11320082008Berrimilla (1)Yacht10Australia (2)Alexander Whitworth (1)EastRoute #4
11420082008Bremen/Frontier Spirit (5)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (13)Ulf Wolter (2)WestRoute #5
11520082008Peter Faber (1)Cable Layer0France (6)Robert Hansen (1)EastRoute #3
11620082008Geraldine (1)Yacht14United States (16)Walter Jones (1)WestRoute #3
11720082008Southern Star (1)Yacht23.7France (7)Olivier Pitras (2)WestRoute #4
11820082008Tyhina (1)Yacht10.4Australia (3)Peter Elliott (1)WestRoute #4
11920092009Apoise (1)Motor Vessel67Canada (33)David Ritchie (1)WestRoute #4
12020092009Bagan (1)Motorboat17.4United States (17)Clinton Bolton (1)WestRoute #4
12120092009Bremen/Frontier Spirit (6)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (14)Marc Behrend (2)WestRoute #4
12220092009Baloum Gwen (2)Yacht14.9Belgium (2)Thierry Fabing (2)EastRoute #6
12320092009Fleur Australe (1)Yacht20France (8)Philippe Poupon (1)WestRoute #4
12420092009Fiona (1)Yacht12.8United States (18)Eric Forsyth (1)WestRoute #4
12520092009Glory of the Sea (1)Yacht15.3France (9)Charles Hedrich (1)WestRoute #4
12620092009Hanseatic (8)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (15)Thilo Natke (3)EastRoute #4
12720092009Ocean Watch (1)Yacht19.2United States (19)Mark Schrader (1)EastRoute #6
12820092009Perithia (1)Yacht14.6Germany (3)Uwe Wohnort (1)WestRoute #4
12920092009Polar Bound (2)Motor Boat14.6Britain (7)David Scott Cowper (3)WestRoute #5
13020092009Precipice (1)Yacht9.1United States (20)Rolland Trowbridge (1)WestRoute #6
13120092009Silent Sound (1)Yacht12.2Canada (34)Cameron Dueck (1)EastRoute #6
13220102010Ariel IV (1)Sloop15.2Sweden (3)Eric Boye (1)WestRoute #4
13320102010Astral Express (1)Yacht12.5New Zealand (2)Graeme Kendall (1)WestRoute #3
13420102010Dione Sky/Turmoil (2)Motor Yacht46Cayman Islands (2)Brian Harrison (1)WestRoute #2
13520102010Hanse Explorer (1)Motor Yacht48Antigua and Barbuda (1)Bernd Buchner (1)WestRoute #3
13620102010Hanseatic (9)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (16)Thilo Natke (4)WestRoute #4
13720102010Kapitan Khlebnikov (17)Icebreaker0Russia (23)Anatoliy Kovalenko (1)EastRoute #5
13820102010Octopus (1)Motor Yacht128Cayman Islands (3)Glenn Dalby (1)WestRoute #2
13920102010Rx II (1)Yacht11Norway (2)Trond Aasvoll (1)EastRoute #4
14020102010Sarema (1)Yacht15.2Finland (1)Pekka Kauppila (1)EastRoute #4
14120102010Solanus (1)Yacht14.5Poland (3)Bronisław Radliński (1)WestRoute #4
14220102010T6 (1)Motor Yacht48.5Cayman Islands (4)John Spencer (1)WestRoute #3
14320102010Young Larry (1)Yawl13.4Britain (8)Andrew Wilkes (1)WestRoute #4
14420102011Anna (1)Yawl10.5Sweden (4)Borje Ivarsson (1)WestRoute #4
14520102011Primula (1)Tanker0Norway (3)Bo R. Arenberg & Lars Jansson (1)EastRoute #3
14620112011Arcadia (1)Motor Yacht35.8Cayman Islands (5)James Pizzaruso (1)WestRoute #5
14720112011Asteria (1)Converted Tug0Marshall Islands (1)Donald Feil (1)WestRoute #3
14820112011Bremen/Frontier Spirit (7)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (17)Marc Behrend (3)EastRoute CP
14920112011Chamade (1)Yacht13.3Switzerland (1)Marc Decrey (1)WestRoute #4
15020112011Imvubu (1)Ketch15.9South Africa (1)Ralf Dominick (1)WestRoute #3
15120112011Issuma (1)Schooner15Canada (35)Richard Hudson (1)WestRoute #5
15220112011Kotuku (1)Yacht12.2New Zealand (3)Ian Douglass (1)EastRoute #6
15320112011Leava (1)Sloop12.5France (10)Alain Bataedat (1)EastRoute #6
15420112011Muktuk (1)Sloop14.3Austria (1)Karl Mayer (1)WestRoute #4
15520112011Pangaeas (1)Yacht35United States (21)Michael Horn (1)EastRoute #4
15620112011Polar Bound (3)Motor Boat14.6Britain (9)David Scott Cowper (4)EastRoute #3
15720112011Rus (1)Trimaran7.6Russia (24)Oleg Volynkin (1)WestRoute #5
15820112011St. Brendan (1)Yacht8.2United States (22)Matt Rutherford (1)WestRoute #4
15920112011Santa Maria Australis (1)Ketch20.1Germany (4)Wolf Kloss (1)WestRoute #4
16020112012Roxane (1)Sloop10.7France (11)Luc Dupont (1)WestRoute #4
16120112012Teleport (1)Junk Rigged Yacht8.9Australia (4)Christopher Bray (1)WestRoute #5
16220122012Beelzebub II (1)Yacht9.4Sweden (5)Edvin Buregren (1)WestRoute #1
16320122012Beothuk (1)Motor Vessel31.1Cayman Islands (6)Liam Devlin (1)WestRoute #6
16420122012Best Explorer (1)Yacht15.6Italy (1)Giovanni Acquarone (1)WestRoute #4
16520122012Billy Budd (1)Sloop34.3Britain (10)Clive Shute (1)WestRoute CP
16620122012Coriolis 14 (1)Yacht25France (12)Richard Mergeaux (1)WestRoute #2
16720122012Dodos Delight (1)Yacht10.1Britain (11)Robert Shepton (1)WestRoute #3
16820122012Fortrus (1)Motor Yacht50Britain (12)Scott Newson (1)WestRoute #6
16920122012Gotland Carolina (1)Tanker183Bahamas (18)J. Justin (1)WestRoute #2
17020122012Hanseatic (10)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (19)Thilo Natke (5)EastRoute #5
17120122012Jonathan III (1)Yacht14.9Netherlands (2)Mark van de Weg (1)WestRoute #4
17220122012Katharsis II (1)Yacht21.9Britain (13)Mariusz Koper (1)WestRoute #3
17320122012Marguerite (1)Sloop15.8France (13)Janusz Kurbiel (2)WestRoute #4
17420122012Nordwind (1)Yacht26.8Britain (14)Hans Albrecht (1)WestRoute #3
17520122012Octopus (2)Motor Yacht128Cayman Islands (7)Glenn Dalby (2)WestRoute #2
17620122012Philos (1)Schooner15.2Australia (5)Roger Wallis (1)WestRoute #4
17720122012Polar Bound (4)Motor Boat14.6Britain (15)David Scott Cowper (5)WestRoute #1
17820122012Sol (1)Yacht12.8Denmark (2)Kim Bork Mathiesen (1)EastRoute #5
17920122012The World (1)Condominium Vessel196.3Bahamas (20)Dag Harald Saevik (1)EastRoute #5
18020122012Tokimata (1)Yacht13.1New Zealand (4)Peter Garden (1)EastRoute #5
18120122012Upchuk (1)Motor Yacht15.8Britain (16)Frank Rothwell (1)EastRoute #4
18220122013Balthazar (1)Yacht10.5Canada (36)Guy Lavoie (1)WestRoute #6
18320122013Tranquilo (1)Cutter17.6Netherlands (3)Bart Veldink (1)EastRoute #5
18420132013Anna (2)Yawl10.5Sweden (6)Pelle Ivarsson (1)EastRoute #6
18520132013Arktika (1)Sloop15Finland (2)Gilles Elkaim (1)WestRoute #5
18620132013Bremen/Frontier Spirit (8)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (21)Roman Obrist (1)EastRoute #3
18720132013d Acalephe (1)Yacht13.9Canada (37)Jean-Gilles Lemieux (1)WestRoute #5
18820132013Dodos Delight (2)Yacht10.1Britain (17)Robert Shepton (2)EastRoute #5
18920132013Hanse Explorer (2)Motor Yacht48Antigua and Barbuda (2)Jens Kothen (1)WestRoute #5
19020132013Hanseatic (11)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (22)Marc Behrend (4)WestRoute #5
19120132013Isatis (1)Yacht14.2Nouvelle Caledonie (1)Jean-Pierre Levie (1)WestRoute #5
19220132013La Belle Epoque (1)Yacht12.8Austria (2)Jurgen Kirchberger (1)WestRoute #5
19320132013Lady M II (1)Motor Yacht50Marshall Islands (2)Jim Bulman (1)WestRoute #5
19420132013Le Soleal (1)Cruise Vessel0France (14)Etienne Garcia (1)WestRoute #6
19520132013Libellule (1)Catamaran14.3Switzerland (2)Philip Cottier (1)WestRoute #5
19620132013Michaela Rose (1)Motor Yacht49.4Britain (18)Tom Noorman (1)EastRoute #5
19720132013Nordic Orion (1)Ice-Strengthened Bulk Cargo Vessel0Panama (2)Sergey Danilov (1)EastRoute #3
19820132013Octopus (3)Motor Yacht128Cayman Islands (8)Jannek Olsson (1)EastRoute #5
19920132013Perd pas le Nord (1)Yacht15.2Belgium (3)Nicolas Mouchart (1)WestRoute #6
20020132013Polar Bound (5)Motor Boat14.6Britain (19)David Scott Cowper (6)EastRoute #5
20120132013Polar Prince (1)Icebreaker0Canada (38)Andrew Barry (1)EastRoute #5
20220132013Traversay III (1)Yacht13.7Canada (39)Laurence Roberts (1)WestRoute #5
20320132014Gitana (1)Schooner13.4United States (23)Michael Johnson (1)WestRoute #6
20420142014Altan Girl (1)Motor Vessel13.4Canada (40)Erkan Gursoy (1)EastRoute #6
20520142014Artic Tern (1)Sloop13.1Britain (20)Leslie Parsons (1)WestRoute #6
20620142014Drina (1)Ketch16.8Australia (6)Michael Thurston (1)WestRoute #6
20720142014Lady Dana 44 (1)Sloop14.3Poland (4)Ryszard Wojnowski (1)EastRoute #6
20820142014Latitude (1)Motor Yacht44.5Cayman Islands (9)Sean Meagher (1)WestRoute #6
20920142014L'Austral (1)Cruise Vessel0France (15)Patrick Marchesseau (1)WestRoute #4
21020142014Novara (1)Schooner18.3Britain (21)Stephen Brown (1)WestRoute #6
21120142014Nunavik (1)Ice-Strengthened Bulk Cargo Vessel0Marshall Islands (3)Randy Rose (1)WestRoute #2
21220142014Silver Explorer (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (23)Alwexander Golubev (1)WestRoute #5
21320142014Triton (1)Motor Vessel50Marshall Islands (4)Paul Jones (1)EastRoute #6
21420132015Empiricus (1)Ketch15.2United States (24)Jesse Osborn (1)EastRoute #6
21520132015Le Manguier (1)Motor Vessel21.1France (16)Phillipe Hercher (1)EastRoute #6
21620142015Moli/Gjoa (1)Sloop13.1Canada (41)Glen Bainbridge (1)WestRoute #6
21720142015Philos (2)Schooner15.2Australia (7)Roger Wallis (2)EastRoute #6
21820152015Aventura (1)Sloop14Britain (22)James (Jimmy) Cornell (1)EastRoute #6
21920152015Bagheera (1)Cutter16Netherlands (4)Erik de Jong (1)WestRoute #3
22020152015Drifter Way (1)Ketch14.9Canada (42)Robert Graf (1)WestRoute #3
22120152015Equanimity (1)Yacht92Cayman Islands (10)Glenn Dalby and Simon Jones (3)WestRoute #3
22220152015Fennica (1)Icebreaker (Multipurpose)0Finland (3)Tommy Berg (1)EastRoute #3
22320152015Hawk (1)Sloop12.8United States (25)Joe Wolff (1)WestRoute #4
22420152015La Chimere (1)Sloop10France (17)Emanuel Wattecamps-Etienne (1)WestRoute #4
22520152015Latitude (2)Motor Yacht44.5Cayman Islands (11)Sean Meagher (2)EastRoute #5
22620152015Le Boreal (1)Cruise Vessel0France (18)Etienne Garcia (2)WestRoute #6
22720152015Le Soleal (2)Cruise Vessel0France (19)Patrick Marchesseau (2)WestRoute #6
22820152015Necton (1)Ketch14Netherlands (5)Aldert Hesseling (1)EastRoute #6
22920152015Nordica (1)Icebreaker (Multipurpose)0Finland (4)Matti Westerland (1)EastRoute #3
23020152015Salty (1)Cutter19.8United States (26)Carl Zaniboni (1)WestRoute #3
23120152015Selma (1)Ketch20.4Poland (5)Piotr Kuźniar (1)WestRoute #6
23220152015Snow Dragon II (1)Yacht14.9United States (27)Frances Brann (1)WestRoute #3
23320152015Tiama (1)Yacht12France (20)Jean Michel (1)WestRoute #4
23420152016Maia (1)Yacht11Hungary (1)Zoltan Balaton (1)WestRoute #4
23520162016Africaborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (6)Eric Rosner (1)EastRoute #5
23620162016Agar II (1)Sloop15.2Israel (1)Motti Baer (1)EastRoute #6
23720162016Bonavalette (1)Sloop10.7Switzerland (3)David Giovannini (1)WestRoute #4
23820162016Breakpoint (1)Sloop14Germany (5)Thomas Witt (1)WestRoute #6
23920162016Caledonia (1)Sloop20.1Germany (6)Claudia Rehklau (1)EastRoute #5
24020162016Crystal Serenity (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (24)Birger J. Vorland (1)EastRoute #5
24120162016Eagles Quest II (1)Sloop17.7Hong Kong (1)Chu Kee Duen (1)EastRoute #6
24220162016Galileo G (1)Motor Yacht55.2Britain (23)Tom Buddle (1)WestRoute #4
24320162016Happy Rover (1)Cargo Vessel138Netherlands (7)Frank Versteegh (1)EastRoute #7
24420162016Hetairos (1)Ketch67Cayman Islands (12)Graham Newton (1)WestRoute #6
24520162016Kapitan Khlebnikov (18)Icebreaker0Russia (25)Vladimir Boldakov (1)WestRoute #2
24620162016L'Austral (2)Cruise Vessel0France (21)Patrick Marchesseau (3)WestRoute #4
24720162016Maewan IV (1)Sloop11.3France (22)Erwan Le Lann (1)WestRoute #6
24820162016Manevai (1)Sloop14.3France (23)Eric Abadie (1)WestRoute #4
24920162016Pachamama (1)Sloop15.2Switzerland (4)Dario Schworer (1)EastRoute #7
25020162016Polar Bound (6)Motor Boat14.6Britain (24)David Scott Cowper (7)WestRoute #7
25120162016Ratafia (1)Yacht10.2France (24)Jean-Baptiste Cornet (1)WestRoute #4
25220162016Yvinec (1)Yacht11.8France (25)Guirec Soudee (1)WestRoute #6
25320162017Nomad (1)Sloop12.8Austria (3)Wolfgang Slanec (1)WestRoute #6
25420172017Abel Tasman (1)Yacht22.9Cook Islands (1)Roger Wallis (3)EastRoute #6
25520172017Alkahest (1)Cutter12.8United States (28)Jay Tremlay (1)WestRoute #6
25620172017Arcticaborg (1)Icebreaking Cargo Tug0Curacao (1)Igor Umerenko (1)WestRoute #3
25720172017Atlanticborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (8)Vladimir Manaev (1)EastRoute #7
25820172017Bremen/Frontier Spirit (9)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (25)Roman Obrist (2)EastRoute #7
25920172017Celebrate (1)Yacht17.7United States (29)Charles Simon (1)WestRoute #6
26020172017Crystal Serenity (2)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (26)Birger J. Vorland (2)EastRoute #5
26120172017Freydis (1)Cutter16.9Germany (7)Erich Wilts (1)EastRoute #6
26220172017Havelstern (1)Tanker0Canada (43)Daniel Roberts (1)WestRoute #3
26320172017Irene (1)Ketch15.2United States (30)Peter Niemann (1)EastRoute #6
26420172017Kerguelen (1)Ketch11.3France (26)Erwan Dupeis (1)WestRoute #3
26520172017Kigdlua (1)Sloop12.8Greenland (1)Jens Erik Kjeldsen (1)WestRoute #4
26620172017Lady Free (1)Gaff Cutter12.4Norway (4)Jan Martin Nordbotten (1)EastRoute #6
26720172017Larissa (1)Cutter13.7New Zealand (5)Mark Domney (1)EastRoute #6
26820172017Le Boreal (2)Cruise Vessel0France (27)Erwin Le Rouzik (1)WestRoute #6
26920172017Le Why (1)Schooner20France (28)Ghisiain Bardout (1)WestRoute #4
27020172017Makore 2 (1)Yacht13.6France (29)Paul Bucaille (1)WestRoute #6
27120172017USCGC Maple (1)Buoy Tender0United States (31)Patrick Armstrong (1)EastRoute #3
27220172017Morning Haze (1)Sloop16.9Germany (8)Jochen Winter (1)WestRoute #6
27320172017Muktuk (2)Sloop14.3Austria (4)Karl Mayer (2)EastRoute #6
27420172017Nauta D (1)Yacht16.5Germany (9)Manfred Heinrich (1)WestRoute #6
27520172017Nehaj (1)Cutter11.9Germany (10)Susanne Huber-Curphey (1)EastRoute #6
27620172017Nordica (2)Icebreaker (Multipurpose)0Finland (5)Jyri Vilanen (1)EastRoute #3
27720172017Plum (1)Cutter21.9Malta (1)Enrico Tettamanti (1)EastRoute #6
27820172017Polar Bound (7)Motor Boat14.6Britain (25)David Scott Cowper (8)EastRoute #5
27920172017Polar Prince (2)Icebreaker0Canada (44)Stephan Guy (1)WestRoute #3
28020172017Tiama (1)Sloop15.2New Zealand (6)Hank Haazen (1)EastRoute #6
28120172017Tonga (1)Yacht13.8France (30)Franck Delahaie (1)WestRoute #6
28220172017Tranquilo (2)Cutter17.6Netherlands (9)Bart Veldink (2)EastRoute #5
28320172017Valentina (1)Sloop15.2Russia (26)Sergei Shchekoldin (1)WestRoute #6
28420172017Xue Long (1)Icebreaker0China (1)Shen Quan (1)WestRoute #3
28520172017Zulumbus (1)Yacht11.7Austria (5)Berhard Moser (1)WestRoute #6
28620152018Jim Kilabuk (1)Cargo Tug0Canada (45)Bruce Davis (1)EastRoute #3
28720182018Infinity (1)Ketch36.6Germany (11)Clemens Gabriel Oestreich (1)EastRoute #6
28820182018Thor (1)Cutter16.6Germany (12)Thomas Grothe (1)WestRoute #5
28920192019Alioth (1)Cutter16.8Belgium (4)Vincent Moeyersome (1)WestRoute #3
29020192019Altego II (1)Cutter16Slovakia (1)Jiri Denk (1)WestRoute #3
29120192019Amazoneborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (10)Richard de Rijk (1)EastRoute #5
29220192019Amazoneborg (2)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (11)Richard de Rijk (2)WestRoute #7
29320192019Americaborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (12)Sergey Slyva (1)EastRoute #5
29420192019Biglift Barentsz (1)Heavy Transport Vessel0Netherlands (13)Remmert-Jan Koster (1)WestRoute #3
29520192019Bremen/Frontier Spirit (10)Ice-Strengthened Ship0Bahamas (27)Joern Gottschalk (1)WestRoute #3
29620192019Breskell (1)Yacht15.6United States (32)Olivier Dupond-Huin (1)WestRoute #3
29720192019David Thompson (1)Research Vessel0Canada (46)Michael Heavenor (1)EastRoute #5
29820192019Fredoya (1)Cutter17.4Malta (2)Frederik Jougla (1)WestRoute #3
29920192019Inook (1)Cutter14.3France (31)Laurent Gouy (1)WestRoute #3
30020192019Kamaxitha (1)Ketch55Cayman Islands (13)Tim Urwin (1)WestRoute #3
30120192019L'Austral (3)Cruise Vessel0France (32)Patrick Marchesseau (4)WestRoute #5
30220192019Le Boreal (3)Cruise Vessel0France (33)Etienne Garcia (3)WestRoute #5
30320192019Mandragore (1)Cutter11.4United States (33)Pablo David Saad (1)WestRoute #3
30420192019Mirabelle (1)Sloop12.8France (34)Antonin Barrier-Moulis (1)WestRoute #3
30520192019Moli/Gjoa (2)Sloop13.1United States (34)Randall Reeves (1)WestRoute #3
30620192019Morgane (1)Sloop10.3Belgium (5)Robin Kislig (1)WestRoute #3
30720192019Opale (1)Sloop13.4France (35)Marc Pedeau (1)WestRoute #3
30820192019Roald Amundsen (1)Cruise Vessel0Norway (5)Kai Albrigtsen (1)WestRoute #6
30920192019Sherpa (1)Motor Yacht74Cayman Islands (14)Jako Hall (1)EastRoute #3
31020192019Snow White (1)Cutter14.4Czechia (1)Miroslav Racan (1)WestRoute #3
31120192019Tecla (1)Gaff Ketch28.1Netherlands (14)Gijs Sluik (1)WestRoute #4
31220192019Thamesborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (15)Sergey Inzhevatov (1)WestRoute #3
31320192019The World (2)Condominium Vessel0Bahamas (28)Dag Harald Saevik (2)WestRoute #3
31420202020Adriaticborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (16)Oleksandr Galaktionov (1)EastRoute #7
31520202020Adriaticborg (2)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (17)Vladimir Manaev (2)WestRoute #7
31620202020Amstelborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (18)K. R. Boer (1)EastRoute #7
31720202020Arneborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (19)Volodymyr Stupa (1)WestRoute #7
31820202020Kiwi Roa (1)Condominium Vessel0New Zealand (7)Peter Kevin Smith (1)EastRoute #6
31920202020Trinityborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (20)Aleksander Shishkin (1)WestRoute #5
32020212021Albanyborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (21)Vitaliy Ryndin (1)WestRoute #5
32120212021Amazoneborg (3)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (22)Michiel de Gries (1)EastRoute #5
32220212021Atlanticborg (2)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (23)Sergey Slyva (2)WestRoute #5
32320212021HMCS Harry DeWolf (1)Icebreaker0Canada (47)Corey Gleason (1)WestRoute #5
32420212021USCGC Healy (3)Icebreaker0United States (35)Kenneth Boda (1)EastRoute #2
32520222022Alamosborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (24)Sorin Costel Mereuta (1)WestRoute #7
32620222022Alaskaborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (25)Mykhailo Musalik (1)EastRoute #7
32720222022Amurborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (26)Anatoliy Gromenko (1)EastRoute #7
32820222022Avonborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (27)Auke Johannes Witteveen (1)WestRoute #7
32920222022Azoresborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (28)Johannes Pieter Poot (1)EastRoute #3
33020222022Blue Moon (1)Yacht60.4Cayman Islands (15)Patrick Allman (1)EastRoute #6
33120222022Draco (1)Cutter12Switzerland (5)Andrew Cassels (1)WestRoute #6
33220222022Fraternidada (1)Ketch21Brasil (1)Aleixo Belov (1)EastRoute #6
33320222022Imaqa (1)Yacht18Malta (3)Jeff Ollivier (1)EastRoute #6
33420222022Inook (2)Cutter14.3France (36)Laurent Gouy (2)EastRoute #6
33520222022Jaca (1)Yacht14.3Canada (48)Jamie Cox (1)EastRoute #6
33620222022L'Austral (4)Cruise Vessel0France (37)Stanislas Devorsine (1)WestRoute #6
33720222022Le Boreal (4)Cruise Vessel0France (38)Mickael DeBien (1)WestRoute #6
33820222022Le Commandant Charcot (1)Cruise Vessel / Icebreaker0France (39)Étienne Garcia (4)WestRoute CP
33920222022Mae West (1)Ketch15Netherlands (29)Andre Speet (1)WestRoute #4
34020222022National Geographic Endurance (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (29)Aaron Wood (1)WestRoute #3
34120222022National Geographic Endurance (2)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (30)Aaron Wood (2)EastRoute #4
34220222022National Geographic Resolution (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (31)Heidi Norling (1)WestRoute #6
34320222022Noorderzon (1)Motor Vessel36.4Jamaica ()Maiwenn Beadle (1)WestRoute #4
34420222022Polar Sun (1)Yacht15.2United States (36)Benjamin Zortman (1)WestRoute #4
34520222022Roald Amundsen (2)Cruise Vessel0Norway (6)Kai Albrigtsen (2)EastRoute #6
34620222022Scenic Eclipse (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (32)James Griffiths (1)WestRoute #3
34720222022Silver Wind (1)Cruise Vessel0Bahamas (33)Millo Pontillo (1)WestRoute #3
34820222022Taagborg (1)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (30)Jasper Wever (1)WestRoute #5
34920222022Taya (1)Yacht14.2United States (37)Alan Cresswell (1)WestRoute #6
35020222022Thamesborg (2)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (31)Roman Yerin (1)EastRoute #6
35120222022Trinityborg (2)Ice-Strengthened Cargo Ship0Netherlands (32)Vitaliy Ryndin (2)WestRoute #3